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Best Pre-Workout Supplement 2020


Best Pre-Workout Supplement 2020

The new list for 2020 best pre-workout supplement was just released by Strong Supplements ( I wanted to share this list with all my readers. This list that was put together and has some very unique products.

I will list the products from number 10 to 1. I will have links posted below where you can learn about each product and purchase options.


Nitraflex is a different kind of a pre-workout supplement. Nitraflex not only boost energy, alertness, strength, stamina, and pumps, but it also helps enhance testosterone levels during workouts.

9 MR. HYDE by ProSupps

Mr. Hyde is a great stimulate for someone looking for serious energy. There is 2-3 times the amount of caffeine than most pre-workout supplements. The only thing I found was the muscle pumps are not as intense as other pre-workout supplements.

8 TOTAL WAR by Redcon1

Total War by Redcon 1 has some really good reviews. I found that customers had posted really good energy, muscle pumps and endurance.


best pre-workout supplement 2020

I have not personally tried Turnt Up yet. But, I read customer reviews and a lot of the reviews I read customers have said they sweat a lot due to the Yohimbe that is in the formula. High energy I also seen a lot of customers reporting. I think that Turnt Up is worth trying.

6 DUST V2 by Blackstone Labs

best pre-workout supplement 2020

Blackstone Labs has some really good products that I have tried over the years. This pre-workout looks like it would definitely be worth trying. The ingredients that are listed look likes muscle pumps would be really intense and energy would be very high.

5 HYPERMAX EXTREME by Performax Labs

best pre-workout supplement 2020

Hypermax is new to the list from strong supplements. One unique ingredient I found was Vaso-6. Vaso-6 is extracted from grape seeds and green tea. The combination of these two compounds have been clinically studied to increase blood flow, enhance glucose uptake, improves protein synthesis, reduces fatigue and improves strength and recovery. This is going to be my next pre-workout supplement that I want to try.

4 MESOMORPH by APS Nutrition

best pre-workout supplement 2020

I have tried the original formula that APS Nutrition used back in 2015. Mesomorph has at the top of strong supplements list from 2015-2017 but it has fallen down to number 4, which I believe is because APS Nutrition changed the formula. I have never personally tried the new formula. But, customer reviews where pretty good with new formula.

3 EDGE OF INSANITY by Psycho Pharma

Edge of Insanity is exactly that with this pre-workout supplement. The energy, endurance and muscle pumps are really that insane. Just recently Psycho Pharma has added Kanna into the formula that will help feel good sensation with very high energy.

2 SEISMIC SURGE by Hard Rock Supplements

best pre-workout supplements 2020

Hard Rock Supplements product line is amazing. I have used several of Hard Rock’s products over the years. Seismic Surge is definitely a great product. I would only recommend advance users of pre-workout supplements to use this. That is how intense Seismic Surge is.

1 WILD THING by Assault Labs

best pre-workout supplement 2020

Wild Thing by Assault Labs tops Strong Supplements 3 years in a row. I have used different products from Assault Labs, but I have not tried Wild Thing yet. But, from what I have read I can see why Wild Thing tops Strong Supplements list again. This does look like a very good product. I have read customer reviews saying that they have added muscle size, not just the normal endurance and energy you would expect from a pre-workout.

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