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Chance of a White Christmas


Chance of a White Christmas

Christmas is almost here and most Americans dream and want a white christmas. The definition of a white christmas is 1 inch of snow or more to be considered a white christmas. The most prominent areas for a white christmas is typically near the Canadian border and the western mountains. The central and eastern US are going to be disappointed for a white christmas this year. Temperatures are forecasted to be 10-20 above normals in the central, midwest and Ohio valley areas on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I am going to list the different areas around the US with best and worst annual percentage for US cities.

chance of a white christmas
White Christmas Historical Percentages


In the northeast, the city with the best annual percentage to see 1 inch of snow on christmas day is Syracuse NY at 63%, Buffalo NY 60% and Albany NY 37%. The cities with the worst annual percentage is Philadelphia PA tied with Washington DC at 7%, Baltimore MD 10% followed by Pittsburgh PA at 33%.

New England

The New England cities have a better chance of a white christmas than northeast cities. Caribou ME has the best annual percentage at 87%, followed by Concord NH 64% then Burlington VT 63%. The worst annual percentage chance is Boston MA at 8% followed by Providence RI at 15%. The coastal cities typically have less snow totals through the winter season compared to inland cities in New England.


Midwest cities with the best annual percentage is Marquette MI at 93%, followed by Cleveland OH 50%, Milwaukee WI, Detroit and Chicago are tied at 43%. The worst annual percantage is Louisville KY at 17% chance.


Duluth MN has the highest annual percentage at 97%. Bismark ND and Minneapolis MN are both tied at 80%. Omaha NB has worst percentage chance at 37%.


Alaska is classified in the west, as you can imagine Alaska cities would have the best and highest percentage chances in the US. Fairbanks AK has 100% of a white christmas, followed by Anchorage AK at 93%, and Tahoe City CA at 86%. The worst chance for a white christmas is Billings MT 37% followed by Casper WY 43%. Other west cities is Denver 68%, Salt Lake City UT and Spokane WA at 67%.


The south is the area in the US where odds of a white christmas are typically not great. The city with the best annual percentage is Amarillo TX at 20%. The next cities with highest annual percentage rates are both tied at 13%, Roanoke VA and Tulsa OK. The worst percentage rates are Little Rock AR at 3%, followed by Knoxville TN 4%, Nashville TN 5% and Memphis TN and Oklahoma City OK both tied at 7%.

There has been three weather events in recent time that has brought a white christmas to areas of the south you would never expect. The 1st event to mention happened in 1989 when artic air broke deep south and brought Charleston SC and Savannah GA, both cities there first and only white christmas. Charleston had 4 inches of snow and Savannah had 2 inches. Jacksonville FL missed a white christmas by 1 day. The second weather event happened in 2004 when a record snow storm hit Corpus Christi TX with 4.4 inches of snow and Brownsville TX with 1.5 inches. The third weather event happened in 2009 when a record snowstorm hit Oklahoma City with a record 13.5 inches and Dallas TX had 2 inches of snow. That was the only second white christmas Dallas TX has ever had since records have been kept.

Merry Christmas!

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