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TOP 10 New Year’s Resolutions



2020 is here and people are making New Year’s Resolutions. Let’s explore the predicted top 10 resolutions of 202 and how resolutions came about. So, exactly where did these promises we make actually come from?

Calendars back then are not what they are today. Around 4000 years ago in Babylon, which is the earliest known celebration of the beginning of a new year. Calendars back then are not what we have today. The Babylonians celebrated the new year in March during the first new moon during the spring equinox. The Babylonians actually celebrated for 11 days and the festival was called Akitu festival. The festival was dedicated to the rebirth of the sun god Marduk. The Babylonians made promises to their god to get on his good side. They believed these promises would help them get the new year started off on the right foot.

Resolutions continued with the Romans. Julius Caesar made a change to the calendar, which is like the calendar we use today, the new calendar no longer sync up with the sun. The calendar was called the Julian Calendar. Julius Caesar declared January 1st the start of the new year. The first day of the new year was to honor their god of new beginnings Janus. The Romans “resolutions” were offering sacrifices to Janus.

This is some history of how resolutions started and how it has evolved into today modern age. According to U.S. News & World Report, 80% of resolutions made, fail by February. This known statistic made me wonder why people are unable to keep there resolutions for less than a half a year. I personally never had the desire to set a new year’s resolution. In my opinion, most people are unable to successfully complete there resolutions because it no longer becomes a priority. Change is often hard and it is easy to become overwhelmed. The top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for 2020, was put together by

Top 10 Resolutions 2020

  1. Take control of the device that is stealing your time
  2. Make trust your priority
  3. Say “no” more often
  4. Use your power responsibly
  5. Become a champion of neurodiversity
  6. Visualize your goal
  7. Summon your inner revolutionary
  8. Commit to memory
  9. Reframe power in your organization
  10.  Improve the employee experience

That is the top 10 list. You can read more about each resolutions at

Hope everyone enjoyed reading this article and learned something new to start your New Year.


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