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NFL 100 Team

nfl 100 team

NFL 100 Team

The 100th anniversary of the NFL season has come to a close and Wild Card Weekend just ended and yes, it was wild! I want to take a look first at the NFL 100 team that was picked from a blue ribbon panel of 26. The NFL 100 team was composed of the 100 greatest players and 10 greatest coaches over the past 100 years. The blue ribbon panel was selected by a three person committee, Pete Abitante, Joel Bussert and Joe Horrigan. Here is the list of blue ribbon panel.

League voters
Joel Bussert: Former NFL Vice President of Player Personnel and League Historian
Joe Horrigan: 42-year Hall of Fame Executive
Chris Willis: NFL Films Historin

Bill Belichick: Six-time Super Bowl-winning Head Coach
Tony Dungy: Pro Football Hall of Famer and Super Bowl-winning Head Coach
Dick LeBeau: Pro Football Hall of Famer and two-time Super Bowl-winning Defensive Coordinator
John Madden: Pro Football Hall of Famer and Super Bowl-winning Head Coach
Don Shula: Pro Football Hall of Famer and Super Bowl-winning Head Coach
Dick Vermeil: Super Bowl-winning Head Coach

Ernie Accorsi: 19-year NFL General Manager
Gil Brandt: Pro Football Hall of Famer and two-time Super Bowl-winning General Manager
Charley Casserly: 14-year NFL General Manager
Bill Polian: Pro Football Hall of Famer & Super Bowl-winning General Manager
Ron Wolf: Pro Football Hall of Famer and three-time Super Bowl Champion General Manager

Dan Fouts: Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback and veteran broadcaster
Ron Jaworski: Former NFL quarterback and veteran broadcaster
Ozzie Newsome: Pro Football Hall of Famer and two-time Super Bowl Champion General Manager
Art Shell: Pro Football Hall of Famer, former Head Coach and two-time Super Bowl Champion

Dave Anderson: Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist with the New York Times who covered the NFL for more than 50 years
Judy Battista: NFL Media National Columnist and Reporter
Jarrett Bell: Pro Football Hall of Fame voter and USA Today NFL Columnist
Rick Gosselin: Pro Football Hall of Fame voter and former Dallas Morning News Columnist
Peter King: Pro Football Hall of Fame voter and veteran sportswriter
Don Pierson: Author and veteran sportswriter
Charean Williams: Pro Football Hall of Fame voter and veteran sportswriter and president of the Pro

Team Structure

The 100 team structure was organized by the committee of various commemorative team compilations. The 100-player team was decided upon and broken up with a specific number of players and they are unranked. The selection criteria for the NFL All-Time Team followed the by-laws by The Pro Football Hall Of Fame. Players that are selected must have participated in at least five seasons in the NFL and AFL.


 Quarterbacks: 10
Running Backs: 12
Wide Receivers: 10
Tight Ends: 5
Tackles: 7
Guards: 7
Centers: 4


 Defensive Ends: 7
Defensive Tackles: 7
Linebackers: 12 (6 MLB/ILB; 6 OLB)
Cornerbacks: 7
Safeties: 6 
Kickers: 2
Punters: 2
Kick Returners: 2

Let’s take a moment and focus on the the big 3 positions, Quarterback, Running Backs and Wide Receivers. These Quarterback position are typically household names to football fans and even non sports fan.

Here is the 10 Quarterbacks that were selected. Joe Montana, Johnny Unitas, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Dan Marino, Otto Graham, Sammy Baugh, John Elway, Roger Staubach and Brett Favre. All of the selections are in the hall of fame, expect, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning because they are not eligible yet. The players were not selected by ranking from one to ten, there is no specific order. Imagine trying to choose this list if you had to start a team with the first pick. What a list of great Quarterbacks. The only Quarterback that I would have like to see on this list was Drew Brees. It is my opinion that Drew Brees has unbelievable career. Heck of an athlete and a person.

Running backs are the next position. Here is the top 12 running backs on the 100 team. Earl “Dutch” Clark, Eric Dickerson, Lenny Moore, Marion Motley, Walter Payton, Barry Sanders, Gale Sayers, O.J. Simpson, Emmitt Smith, and Steve Van Buren. These selections are definitely, in my opinion, the best choices for this 100 team. The only player I would take off this list is O.J. Simpson. The reason for my opinion is not solely because of his legal troubles, I honestly do not think his career was as good as the other 11 players selected. I believe Marshall Faulk should have made this list and replaced O.J. Marshall Faulk was not only a great runner, but he was able to be a threat as a receiver as well. Marshall numbers and his performance speaks for itself. Here is link to check out Marshall Faulk career numbers.

The last position is Wide Receiver. Here 10 selected Wide Receivers. Jerry Rice, Raymond Berry, Don Hutson, Paul Warfield, Lance Alworth, Randy Moss, Larry Fitzgerald, Steve Largent, Marvin Harrison and Elroy Hirsch. This list has a great mixture of wide receivers. Each of these receivers had a different style of play.

You can read more about the rest of players selected to the 100 team at

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