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Winter Heat Wave

Winter Heat Wave

Typically January is the coldest month in the U.S. But, this year the start of 2020 has been mild weather for the eastern two-thirds of the U.S. It is going to be wild weather week coming up that is for sure.

winter heat wave

A brief cold spell will happen Tuesday January 7th to Wednesday January 8th. Temperatures will feel like winter. This will be the first below normal temperatures for the Northeast since December 21 2019. This cold spell will not last, only one day. Temperatures will bounce back on Thursday to above average once again. The wam air will be pushed up from the Gulf of Mexico and the tropical Atlantic Ocean.

winter heat wave
Warm Air surge from the Gulf of Mexico and Tropical Atlantic Ocean

The warm air will really crank up on Friday January 9th 2020 from the Gulf Coast all the way up through the Ohio Valley and the Midwest. New England will be still be cold during this period. Temperatures will be in the 50’s and 60’s in the Ohio Valley and Midwest. South Central part of the U.S. will flirt with 70 degrees and into the low 70’s in the Carolina’s. The Southern part of the Gulf Coast can expect high’s close to 80 degrees.

Friday could see record high’s being broke. New Orleans is expecting high upper 70’s and the record high is 81 degrees set in 1974. Nashville might come close to breaking the record of 75 degrees, the record was set in 1949. Here are a few cities in the Midwest and Ohio Valley that can expect to come close or break record highs. Indianapolis record high is 62 set in 1975, forecast high is 57. Columbus Ohio record of 59 set in 1975, forecast high is 57. Cleveland record high is 61 set in 1939, forecast high 59. Cincinnati record high of 61 was set in 2018, forecast high is 58.

A cold front will come in the Midwest and Ohio Valley and push this warm air eastward and up through New England on Saturday January 10th 2020. Temperatures will go from the 50’s and 60’s in the Midwest and Ohio Valley and fall into the 30’s. Temperatures in the Northeast, New England and the South on Saturday will be near record warmth for that region. Accompanying this cold front will be heavy rains that will push through the Midwest on Friday and Saturday into the Northeast and New England.

winter heat wave
Saturday Near Record Warmth

Temperatures will range in the South in the mid 70’s to low 60’s in the Northeast and New England. Any chance that these cities could break these record high’s will all depend on the rainfall and cloud cover. If any of these area’s see some break in the clouds this will push temperatures up. Even though the angle of the sun is low in January, with no Artic air advancing, the sunshine that could break through will have a warming effect.

Speaking of Arctic air, the pattern through mid January is expected to keep the Polar Vortex in the Arctic Circle. The Polar Vortex is expected to stay strong.

winter heat wave
Polar Vortex Prediction Through mid January

More than 100 locations could see daily temperature records challenged by the unseasonable warm spell. This will be a wild weather week from Wednesday January 8th through Sunday January 12th. This will be really interesting to see if any cities break record highs during this time period. The second half of January will also be interesting to see how things will play out for eastern two-thirds of the U.S.

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