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Music City Miracle 20yrs Later

Music City Miracle 20yrs Later

music city miracle
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January 8 2000 during the wild card weekend, the Tennessee Titans were home against the Buffalo Bills. The Titans trailed the Bills by 1 point with only 16 seconds left in the 4th quarter. What happened next was one of the most iconic plays in NFL history. WR Kevin Dyson caught the second of two laterals and went 75 yards. This play put the Titans ahead of the Bills with the final score 22-16.

Let’s take a look at the key players and coaches involved in the Music City Miracle. Head Coach Jeff Fisher, Special Team Coach Alan Lowry, WR Kevin Dyson, TE Frank Wycheck and FB Lorenzo Neal. The play was actually called “Home Run Throwback”. The Titans, during practice, would do this trick play. Lowry seen Wycheck throw the ball during down time at practice. Lowry liked the way Wycheck threw the ball and knew he would be perfect to use in this trick play. The Home Run Throwback trick play idea came from the 1982 Cal-Stanford game where Cal used five laterals to win the game with only seconds left, that moment became known as “The Play”. During practices, Lowry would have the kicker, kick the ball in different directions so the Special Team Unit could be ready for any which way the ball might go in a real game situation. The goal was to get Wycheck the ball every time so he could lateral the ball.

Kevin Dyson, believe it or not, was not actually suppose to participate in the play. WR Derrick Mason is the player that use to practice this trick play. But, Mason was sidelined with a concussion. Coach Fisher called Dyson over during a tv timeout. Fisher told Dyson he had to replace Mason, they were going to run the play Home Run Throwback. Dyson said (I remember this part from interview after the game) that he never actually ever paid attention to this play during practice. Coach Fisher had to explain the play to Dyson during the timeout.

The goal that Fisher and Lowry had in mind was to lateral the ball and have Dyson get as many yards as possible and get out of bounds so they could set up for the game winning field goal. The Titans Special Team lined up and the formation that they were in was actually not prepared for "Pooch Kick". Bill's kicker Steve Christie got set up and Special Team Captain Steve Tasker told Christie, "Pooch Kick to the right". Dyson was suppose to be ten yards behind Wycheck. Dyson, was not ten yards, more like ten inches. But, this mistake turned out to be a good mistake! Christie pooch kicks the ball, and Lorenzo Neal fields the ball. Neal throws the ball laterally to Wycheck. After Wycheck catches the first lateral, WR Issac Byrd was on the same side as Dyson. Byrd slips and falls and Dyson steps up to catch the ball. Kicker Steve Christie and DB Donovan Greer were the only two players on that side of field, and all they both seen was Titans blockers. Dyson knew that he had more of an opportunity than just stepping out of bounds to set up a field goal. Dyson went 75 yards and is now part of one of the most iconic plays in NFL history.

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Now one thing I will say is that Buffalo Bills threw the 90's were part more than once in NFL history. The Bills had some great teams and athletes threw the 90's. The Bills are the first and only team to go to 4 straight Super Bowls and lose all four Super Bowls. As far as the Music City Miracles goes, the Bills have there own comeback story that has been placed in NFL history. Seven years prior to the Music City Miracle, 1993 the Bills made one of the biggest comebacks in NFL history. With a backup quarterback leading the Bills, Frank Reich, the Bills were able to rally from a Houston Oilers 35-3 lead at the beginning of the third quarter to win the playoff game 41-38 in OT. Then seven years later the opposite happen to the Bills with losing the playoff game in the finally 16 seconds, and are part of another comeback that is historic. From 1990 to 2000, the Buffalo Bills participated in some of the most iconic games ever.

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