Temperatures Forecast February 2020 to Spring 2020 5
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Temperatures Forecast February 2020 to Spring 2020


Temperature Outlook for February 2020

With a very strong polar vortex during December 2019 and the first half of January 2020, temperatures have been above normal for most of the country and a slightly below normal in the southwest. The weather pattern is changing the second half of January and threw February for the midwest, ohio valley and new england. The polar vortex has weakened and is changing the jet stream and the forecast is for near or slightly below average temperatures for areas of the U.S. that has been above normal.

Temperature Forecast February 2020
Temperatures February 2020

Temperature Forecast For March 2020

After the temperature’s slightly below normal for February 2020, March 2020 will be better news for residents looking for warmer spring weather. March will feature above average temperatures for the Southwest threw the plains. Ohio Valley, the Great Lakes and the Midwest can expect temperatures near or slightly above average temperatures which most of these areas will see an early spring. The lack of El Nino and La Nina are forecasted to be non existence, which is why an early spring is in the forecast for the majority of the U.S.

Temperature Forecast March 2020
Temperatures March 2020

Temperature Forecast April 2020

Temperature for April 2020 will be above average for the East Coast and the Southwest. With this lack of El Nino and La Nina have kept the second half of winter and threw spring very warm and dry for the Southwest. The only area of the U.S. that is forecasted to be near or slightly below average are parts of Montana, North Dakota, Northwestern South Dakota and Northern Minnesota. This could delay the start of spring that part of country due to the temperatures being below normal.

Temperature Forecast April 2020
Temperatures April 2020

Temperature Forecast from February 2020 – April 2020

Now with each month featured from the second half of winter until the first half of Spring 2020, the average temperature should balance out to below normal in New England, the Upper Plains and part of the Great Lakes. The Midwest and Ohio Valley threw the East Coast will average near or slightly above temperatures. Florida and Southwest will average above normal temperature.

Temperature Forecast February 2020 to April 2020
Average Temperatures from February 2020 – April 2020

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