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Cloudy and Sunny Cities


Cloudy and Sunny Cities

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I just researched the sunniest and cloudiest cities here in the U.S. These are some very interesting statistics about different cities around the country. I got these statistics from Current results has all kind of interesting statistics you can look up. Very cool website to go and check out.

The top 9 cities where categorized as heavy cloud days. Three quarters or more of the sky is completely cloud covered. In the top 9 listed, 7 of the cities where located, yes you guessed it! The Northeast.

1. Seattle, Washington 226 days

2. Portland,Oregon 222 days

3. Buffalo, New York 208 days

4. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 203 days

5. Cleveland, Ohio 202 days

6. Rochester, New York 200 days

7. Columbus, Ohio 190 days

8. Cincinnati, Ohio 186 days

9. Detroit, Michigan 185 days.

Now the next ranking has major US cities with mostly cloudy days. There is 16 cities listed in the category.
The top 3 cities changed from heavy cloud to mostly cloudy category. The reason being is when days are added with mostly cloudy to partial cloudy skies (one quarter to three quarter cloud cover) with heavy cloud days, the respective cities in the top 3 change. Example Seattle has more heavy cloud days than Buffalo, but Buffalo has more overall cloudy days than Seattle. Buffalo gets more mostly cloudy days than Seattle which moved Buffalo up in the rankings.

1. Buffalo, New York 311 days

2. Seattle, Washington 308 days

3. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 306 days

4. Rochester, New York 304 days

5. Cleveland, Ohio 299 days

6. Portland, Oregon 296 days

7. Columbus, Ohio 293 days

8. Detroit, Michigan 290 days

9. Miami, Florida 290 days

10. Cincinnati, Ohio 284 days

11. Hartford, Connecticut 283 days

12. Chicago, Illinois 281 days

13. Indianapolis, Indiana 278 days

14. Orlando, Florida 277 days

15. Milwaukee, Wisconsin 275 days

16. Houston, Texas 275 days

Out of those 16 cities that ate listed, 8 cities are in the Northeast. The other 8 cities are scattered around the country. Now let’s take a look at the top cities with the most sunshine according to

Percents are daily average of the sun shining between sunrise and sunset. Clear days are no clouds or 1/3 clouds in the sky or less.

1. Phoenix, AZ 211 clear days, 85% sunshine

2. Las Vegas, NV 210 clear days, 85% sunshine

3. Sacramento, CA 188 clear days, 78% sunshine

4. Los Angeles, CA 147 clear days, 73% sunshine

5. Miami, Florida 74 clear days, 70% sunshine

6. Denver, CO 115 clear days, 69% sunshine

7. Oklahoma City, OK 139 clear days, 68% sunshine

8. San Diego, CA 146 clear days, 68% sunshine

9. Salt Lake City, UT 125 clear days, 66% sunshine

10. San Francisco, CA 160 clear days, 66% sunshine

11. Tampa, FL 101 clear days, 66% sunshine.

All these rankings where listed from the sunshine percentages from highest to lowest.

Now, as you compare both list. No Northeast city was listed for sunshine. Southwest rules the list. There was 2 East Coast cities, but both were Southeast. (Keyword, South)

Cloudiest days no Southwest city was on that list.

So, if you are a person who likes warm weather and being outdoors instead of cooped up in the house for months on end. Southwest would be good to look at according to the research I have done.

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