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Mess is Stress

messy is stress

Spring is just around the corner. Spring is not the only time of year to keep your house tidy though. Does mess cause stress? The answer is yes! Mess can cause stress in various ways both mentally and physically. There is a big difference between clutter and dirt. Is it easier to get rid of the dust and dirt from our homes than it is the clutter? There has been some recent studies that I have been researching that shows how clutter in your home is affecting families.

Clutter can cause depression

Recent studies have shown that clutter can cause depression. Families have a hard time managing clutter and do not know where to start and how to sort through items to decide what to get rid of and what to keep. This causes more anxiety and can even cause depression being overwhelmed.

Clutter can cause high stress

Another study has shown how clutter can cause high stress. The stress of having clutter and not knowing what to do with these items can cause high levels of stress which can also lead to weight gain and other health problems.

Clutter can make it hard to focus

When clutter is in the home it can make it harder to focus. When people become stressed and overwhelmed from trying to deal with clutter it takes away from focusing on other things.

Now the question is, how do I fix this clutter problem?

The best way that I manage and get rid of clutter is I put a plan in place for each part of the house. Start with the area that has the most clutter first. For example, let’s use the bedroom. Start in the closet and go through clothes and shoes. Items that do not fit or are old get rid of these items. Maybe you will find clothes that you forgot you even had. When you come across something that has been unused for 6 months or more it is time to get rid of it. Continue this method and plan in each area of your home. You do not have to do your whole house all in one day, do one area per day or even per week, whatever is comfortable.

How has clutter affected me? I am a very organized person and cleaning in general is one my favorite things to do. I have another blog post where I explain how to clean your home for flu season and how I clean my home in general. Clutter is something that does give me anixety. When my wife and I first met she did have a lot of stuff. She did not realize that clutter was causing unnecessary stress in her life. Myself, I live almost like a minimalist. I like organization and knowing my items are in the same place. That cuts down wasting time and getting stressed trying to find these items cause you can not remember where you left them. Now I am not suggesting that people do not have any items at all. Everyday item need a place of their own. Here is a good example, let’s use the kitchen of your home. There is basic essentials that are needed in the kitchen. Multiple kitchen accessories are not needed. Items that belongs in the kitchen should stay in the kitchen and each item should have it’s own place. Whether it be in cabinets or placed on a countertop. This method will help reduce the stress of trying to locate these items when needed. Another method I use is for items I have stored for different holidays. These are the only items I have stored in totes in our attic. I use colored totes that match each holiday. All Christmas decorations are stored in green and red totes. Halloween and fall are stored in orange totes. Easter and spring are stored in purple. This methods takes the stress out of seasonal decorating.

Another good example I would like to share with my readers is, my wife and I moved almost 6 years ago. We had stuff in boxes and even had a storage unit. After 6 months when winter was over we decided to start going through these boxes. And yes, to our surprise there were numerous boxes filled with stuff we had completely forgot about. We decided it was time to free ourselves from these unnecessary items. We have downsized a considerable amount. Now, you do not have to just throw a lot of these items away all together. Some items, yes they need to be trashed. But other items can be sold. During this decluttering period, in 3 months, we had the storage unit cleared out and we kept some of the items, but we sold about 90% of these items and the other 10% were dropped off at donation centers and given to needy families.

Selling these items is not as hard as you would think. With Ebay, Craigslist and Facebook selling groups, you can definitely sell your unwanted belongings. Another good site is This site allows you to send gently used women and kids clothing and in turn you can receive online store credit or cash back. The clothes that do not meet the criteria, they will send them back to you or you can have them donate them for you. This was a very helpful site and was easy to get cash for clothes my wife did not want anymore and clothes my son outgrew.

Happy Spring Cleaning and hopefully everyone can have a clutter free year!

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