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Retired and Living in a Hotel?

Retired and Living in a Hotel?

Retired and Living in a Hotel?

When you get to the age to retire, did you ever think about where you would live? Would it be in the home you purchased before you retired? Would it be a retirement community or maybe a nursing home or assisted living? These are things that people generally do think about when planning their retirement for the golden years. But Terry Robinson of Spring, Texas has a different plan. I was just reading about this man and his plan that he went viral with on Facebook. Mr. Robinson says he is planning on living at the Holiday Inn Express since he is retired. Now people obviously commented quickly about his plan and basically cut this man up thinking this is not a good plan. But if you actually hear the reason he came up with living in hotel it makes a lot of sense. I really like this idea and I have always thought this would be an awesome way to live. I love the Holiday Inn and is the only hotel that I ever stay at when I travel.

Terry explanation for retiring and living at the Holiday Inn is that nursing homes cost on average $188 per day. Staying at a Holiday Inn with long term stay discount and senior citizen discount cost $59.23 per day. Hmmm that makes good logically sense to me. That would leave $128.77 per day in savings. Now remember, Holiday Inn has continental breakfast every morning and the breakfast there is excellent. You do not have to worry about purchasing your breakfast and that is a big savings as well There is workout rooms, spa, swimming pool and they also offer laundry services. Most Holiday Inns also have free toothpaste, razors and there is shampoo and soaps supplied as well. I really think Terry is on to something here. With these extra amenities you are saving even more money.

Terry was also quoted saying that if you are bored in your hotel room, there is city buses that will take you anywhere. You want to fly somewhere you can call an airport shuttle. Now, the best part that I like about this idea is you can go from city to city and there is always a Holiday Inn. You can spend time traveling to different cities all around the country and spend as much time as you want without having to worry about someone taking care of your home and bills at that set home.

The only problem I would say is if you would do this plan you have to be in good health. If you are person with a lot of health problems this would not be a good idea for them to do. But if you are lucky enough to be blessed with overall good health, this is a great plan! My favorite comedians and tv show, The Three Stooges, have a similar story. This is a really cool fact that maybe a lot of my readers did not know. Larry Fine of the Three Stooges actually lived most of his life in hotels. Larry and his wife Mabel first lived in the President Hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey when they got married. Larry and his wife had a huge dislike for doing laundry and that is one of the main reason they lived in hotels. Larry first daughter Phyllis was born and raised in the President Hotel. When Larry and his family moved to California when the Stooges acting career took off, Larry and his family moved into Knickerbocker Hotel in Hollywood. Eventually Larry purchased an old Mediterranean style house in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles.

As far as Terry Robinson story goes, I really like his plan. I love to travel and that would be a dream to be able to go from Holiday Inn to Holiday Inn in different cities all around the country. The only thing I would do differently is I would own one car. I do not like to fly and when I travel I love to drive to my destinations. Yes, I know flying is a lot faster and in today’s day and age people either do not have time or are in hurry to get where they are going fast. Driving is very relaxing and the best part is going through different cities. There is so many places to see here in the U.S. and every city has different amenities to offer.

Here is the official story of Terry Robinson

Good luck Terry Robinson! I am definitely on board with your plan!

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