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Spring Forecast 2020


Spring Forecast 2020

The halfway point for winter is here. Days are slowly getting longer which means the suns rays will get stronger. www.accuweather.com has released their spring forecast. I am going to break down what Accuweather is predicating.

spring forecast 2020
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Northeast, Ohio Valley and New England

Now, as you can imagine this area of the country most residents are really eager for the arrival of spring. I really do not want to bring bad news to these residents, but, Accuweather is predicationg a late arrival of spring. Mild air will be slow to arrive, chance for snow will be possible through mid-spring. This would be good news for ski resorts especially in New England where snow cover will stay longer. Further south through I-95 corridor from Washington D.C. to Boston will more likely see rain and some snow maybe mixed. This has been going on most of winter in this area. The Ohio Valley has seen mostly rain as well this winter season. The rain will be around for these areas for most of the spring into the start of the summer. Severe weather events will be more likely towards the end of spring. Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Philadelphia could be effected as the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic could expect the threat of severe weather.

Southeast, Tennessee Valley and Gulf States

The Southeast will see a wet weather pattern the first half of spring. Severe storms will impact the Gulf States and Tennessee Valley late March to April. With warm Gulf water and active storm track may lead to a couple of big events in cities like Atlanta, Birmingham, AL and Jackson, MS. The second half of spring the weather pattern for these areas will go from wet to a quite pattern.


The Southwest plains, Dallas to Oklahoma City and westward, these areas will miss out on wet weather this spring. The lack of rain will help build warmth in West Texas, from El Paso to Dallas, and this could make temperatures feel more summer like. In the lower Mississippi Valley and Eastern Plains, occasional severe weather could be in these areas before the bulk of the activity spreads to the Central and North-Central Plains in April and May. With snow melting and wet weather, this could delay planting especially in the Upper Midwest and Northern Plains.


March and April will be active for the Eastern and Central Rockies with mountain snow and rain for the valleys. Ski lovers and ski resorts will be very happy with the extended snow. The Northwest should see temperatures rise quickly which will lead to snow melting faster than usual and could lead to some flooding in streams and rivers. Temperatures in Southern California into the desert Southwest will rise fast as very dry conditions will be the headline for the spring.

https://thoughtsbyfiddler.com/2158/temperatures-forecast-february-2020-to-spring-2020/01/20/2020/. The blog link is a forecast I broke down courtesy of weather.com. It is really interesting to be able to read both forecast from each weather sites. Both sites predictions have some similarities, but the overall outlook is different from each other.

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