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January 2020 Surprising Record Warmth

surprising record warmth
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January 2020 was recorded as the hottest month since records of climate have been kept for 141 years. According to the NOAA, the land and ocean surface temperatures was 2.05 F, surpassing the record that was set in 2016. There has been no land or ocean this past January with record cold. Since 2016 the four warmest January’s have been recorded. The 10 warmest January’s have all been recorded since 2002. January 2020 is now the 44th consecutive January and 421st consecutive month overall with temperatures above the 20th century average. The Arctic Sea ice coverage is 5.3% below average from 1981 to 2010. That is how warm the surface temperatures have been this winter around the world.

Antarctica, which is typically the coldest continent in the world broke record highs on February 6 2020. Antarctica is in the summer season right now. The temperatures that were recorded have never been seen and never gets this warm regardless of it being summer currently. February 6 2020 the research station on the Antarctic Peninsula (the continent’s northwest tip, closest to South America) reported a high of 64.9 F surpassing the previous record of 63.5 F set in March 2015. Days after, February 9 2020, another new record was recorded with a temperature reading of 69.35 F. This was the first time Antarctica temperature went higher than 68 F.

The new 69.35 Degree high was recorded at Argentina’s Marambio research base. The bas is located on Seymour Island, part of an island chain off the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula. The peninsula is one of the fastest warming regions on Earth temperatures rising 5.4 F over the last 50 years. 

The United States have felt the warmth as well. This is only the third time ever nationwide temperatures were above average. January 2020 was the fifth warmest January ever recorded in the United States (lower 48). There has been a lack of snowfall through the entire lower 48 as well. With milder than normal temperatures most of these areas that typically see snowfall have seen more rainfall than the snow. The Southeast has also seen quite of bit of rain as well. With the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico waters being warm, moisture has been brought up into a lot of the Southeast and even tornadoes have broken out in these areas.

Now with this mild of temperatures around the United States, this has actually helped the U.S. economy. The Midwest, Plains, Northeast and New England had lower cost on there heating bills through January 2020. With the extra money saved on heating bills, residents have more money in there pocket to spend which in return is helping the economy. The temperature predictions for these areas of the country are suppose to last into May 2020.

Here is an example of how much heating cost have been down this winter compared to last winter. These statistics are courtesy of Accuweather. The statistics for these cities are based on heating cost from 9-1-2018 until 5-11-2019 compared to 9-1-2019 until 5-11-2020. The predictions for the remainder of February 2020 until May 11 2020 is based on Accuweather 90 forecast.

Cincinnati: ⬇️ 12.7 percent
Boston: ⬇️ 11.1 percent
Washington, D.C.: ⬇️ 11.0 percent
New York City: ⬇️ 10.6 percent
Philadelphia: ⬇️ 10.6 percent

Los Angeles: ⬇️ 26.3 percent
Boston: ⬇️ 10.6 percent
San Francisco: ⬇️ 13.3 percent
Washington, D.C.: ⬇️ 12.9 percent
Philadelphia: ⬇️ 10.0 percent

There will be a few arctic blast in the Midwest, Plains and through the East for the remainder of February 2020. But these arctic blast will not last long in these areas. Much of the East temperatures have averaged 4F to 8F above average even with the very short lived arctic blast that have occured.

A previous blog post I wrote,, the title is Polar Vortex Returning, but I also wrote about how low snowfall has been through most of the East. Check it out because the lack of snowfall this winter in the East is very surprising.

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