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Warming Trend for the Northeast


Warming Trend for the Northeast

warming trend for the northeast
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Spring 2020 is just 20 days away and March 1st is this Sunday which starts the meteorological spring calendar. The Northeast just had a blast of arctic air and blizzard conditions through New England. This was another short lived cold spell, the Northeast has had very mild winter. This upcoming week there is going to be a spring like warming trend for the Northeast. Yes, March can be a wild and crazy month weather wise. High temperature ranging from the 20’s to 40’s will change to 40’s to in some cities 60’s range starting this Monday.

Much of the Eastern U.S. will be 40 to 60 degrees warmer than what temperatures are currently at on Friday February 28. Major cities Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, New York City and Washington D.C. have had temperatures 6 degrees above normal so far this winter. Baltimore has been over 7 degrees from there normal winter high temperatures. Boston temperatures have been 8 degrees above normal. These major cities have seen very minimal snowfall this winter as well.

With these warmer temperatures there is going to be rainfall in these cities. From the Ohio Valley to the South, there will be enough rainfall from Monday through Wednesday that could pose flooding risk.

By the end of the week there will be another temperature swing once again. Temperatures are not going to drop off to the extreme levels that were seen for the end of February. Temperatures will drop 15 to 20 degrees as opposed to the 30 to 40 degree drop this region seen this past week.

According to Accuweather.com, there is going to be temperature swings for most the Northeast and New England through March 2020. The main reason March gets so wild weather is days are getting longer and the change in the jet stream struggles to keep a consistent pattern like it would in late spring and the start of summer.

The winter is almost over and spring will be very welcomed for the Northeast. Even though it has not been a really bad winter, it is always good when daylight is longer and warmer temperatures are on the horizon.

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