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Snow Drought in the East

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February 2020 was 29 days this year and it is over. The meteorological spring calendar has officially started. As for the East Coast, snow has very limited this past winter. There has been 2 cities that broke records for no snowfall during the month of February 2020. Baltimore, MD and Islip, NY both recorded no snowfall for February 2020.

Baltimore weather recordings started in 1891. Over 129 years the city has only had 14 February’s with just a trace of snow. 31 February’s with less than an inch of snow and that number includes the 14 February’s with a trace. The most recent February’s with a trace of snow was 2002 and 2017. Baltimore temperatures were also 6.1 degrees above average for the month of February.

Islip, NY weather recordings started in 1964. There has only been 3 February’s recorded where there has been only a trace of snow. Temperatures were 5.4 degrees above average for February in Islip, NY.

Philadelphia, PA recorded only 0.3 inches of snow. Atlantic City, NJ recorded 0.5 inches of snow. Wilmington, DE recorded only 0.9 inches of snow. Allentown, PA recorded only 5.3 inches of snow. These are just some of the bigger cities in the East that recorded barely any snowfall for the month of February. The precipitation that has fallen was all rain for these areas. During these rain events higher elevations in the mountains and through upper New England is where snow actually occurred.

On the West Coast they have had their own drought going on as well, in the form of lack of rainfall. San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento and Redding Ca all these cities had 0 rainfall for the month of February. All 4 of these cities typically receive 4 inches or more of rainfall on average during February. Seeing no rain is very unusual for these cities in February.

This winter has been very unusual all around the U.S. With most of the Northeast being above average for temperatures and well below average for snowfall. Parts of the Southeast had enormous amounts of rain. California cities have seen record drought during their typical wet season. This winter is going to be one to remember. It will be real interesting to see as we go into Spring and Summer what happens with the pattern that will be set for next winter. With El Nino and La Nina not being active and the trade winds staying Neutral all winter made weather patterns and the jet stream move in ways that is not typical during winter months.

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