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Nicotine Cause Cancer?


Nicotine Cause Cancer?

nicotine cause cancer

I have been doing research about nicotine and if nicotine can cause cancer. I found some very interesting articles about nicotine. I have never smoked before, but I have used chewing tobacco for a lot of years. About 10 years ago, Swedish Snus made a debut in the U.S. I decided to try snus, and I liked it a lot better than traditional american snuff. I have been using General Snus until June 2019. General is made in Sweden and by the tobacco company Swedish Match. What makes Swedish Snus different from American snuff and chewing tobacco is that Snus tobacco leaves are not smoked like Skoal and Copenhagen brands. Snus has a very low amount of carcinogen agents as opposed to American brands. American brand snuff and even American version of snus are fully of carcinogen agents. This was the reason I decided to switch and stop using snuff.

In June 2019 I started to see advertisement for tobacco-free nicotine pouches. I decided to try these pouches to see what they exactly where. I liked these pouches a lot and the flavoring was very good. I started to look into what the big deal was about these pouches and learned a lot about nicotine pouches vs snus pouches. When it comes to nicotine pouches they are made of nicotine salts and no tobacco. ZYN Tobacco-Free Nicotine Pouches are the most advertised brands that I have seen. ZYN products come in different flavors and two types of nicotine strength, 3mg and 6mg. Here are the ingredients uses to make ZYN.

  • NICOTINE SALT (Nicotine bitartrate dihydrate) A pharmaceutical-grade version of the same nicotine salt found naturally in tobacco leaves used to deliver tobacco-free nicotine satisfaction.
  • STABILIZERS (Hydroxypropyl cellulose) A plant-based food additive used to maintain pouch consistency.
  • FILLERS (Micro crystalline cellulose, maltitol, and gum arabic) Ingredients used to add bulk to each pouch. Commonly found in chewing gum.
  • pH ADJUSTERS (Sodium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate) Minerals used in baked goods to help adjust pH levels.
  • SWEETENERS (Acesulfame K) Sugar substitute often used in beverages and confections as a flavor enhancer.
  • FLAVORINGS (Food-grade flavorings) Natural additives used to enhance the taste of each pouch.

I have been using the brand ON! tobacco-free nicotine pouches since June 2019. and I really like their product, in my personal opinion, better than ZYN. ON! comes in different flavors as well. There is different nicotine strength levels like ZYN, except ON! offers 1.5mg, 2mg, 3.5mg, 4mg and 8mg pouches. I think the flavoring with ON! is really good, my favorite is the wintergreen. Here are the ingredients for ON! Nicotine Bitartrate Dihydrate, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Flavors, Sodium Carbonates. The nicotine used in ON! is extracted from tobacco plants and crystalized into nicotine salts. As you can see in both brands ZYN and ON!, there is no cancer causing agents used in their products.

With all this information this got me thinking, does nicotine cause cancer? I did research and found answers. According to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, nicotine does not cause cause cancer. Click the link to read the article posted by Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Nicotine is very addictive, but there is no direct link to nicotine alone causing cancer. Nicotine is not a known carcinogen. Research has shown that nicotine can suppress your immune system and could possible alter DNA mutation of cells. From what I read on the research I have done, cancer is actually in every human. Daily your immune system fights off these mutated cells. If your immune system is suppressed this can be one leading factor to how these cell start forming tumors.

Now I am not promoting or saying to use nicotine products. But, if you are a smoker or a snuff user and want to get rid of these carcinogen filled products, nicotine pouches are a safer bet. With any type of nicotine or tobacco related product there is always a risk. Nicotine may not be a cancer causing agent, but there is still a small risk to using the nicotine pouches.

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