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Cleaning and Disinfection for Coronavirus


Cleaning and Disinfection for Coronavirus

cleaning and disinfection for coronavirus

The Coronavirus is all over news and everyone in the world is talking about this epidemic. Everyone is running out and buying up all the hand sanitizer that can find. Hand sanitizer is a good way to keep your hands clean. But, do people really know how to disinfect their homes for viruses and bacteria? Simply using hand sanitizer is not enough. All over the news I see reporters talking about washing your hands. Washing your hands is one of the most important hygiene everyone should be doing regardless of this virus. So what should you wash your hands with? The only product I use in my home is antibacterial hand soaps. I normally buy SoftSoap Antibacterial Hand Soap. It really amazes me that people do not know that they need to use warm water and soap and scrub your hands for 30 seconds then rinse. When it comes to disinfecting hands, surfaces and items in your home, the key time is 30 seconds. Any type of disinfecting product should be used and set for 30 seconds before rinsed or wiped off.

Now there are some products that require their soaps or solutions to be used for longer than 30 seconds. Make sure to read the label for the time that is needed to disinfect. All of the products I use are 30 seconds then rinse or wipe.

Using sanitizer to wash clothing is always very important. Washing all clothing in hot water and use Lysol Laundry Sanitizer. Lysol Laundry Sanitizer kills 99% of bacteria and viruses that are on clothing. Using steaming hot water always helps kill off germs. Bedding should be washed in steaming hot water with Lysol Laundry Sanitizer as well. I change my bedding every week and wash bedding weekly. The bottoms of your shoes is another area that really needs to be disinfected. I disinfect the bottom of my shoes every week and never, never! wear your shoes from outside into your home. This is a sure way to transfer bacteria and viruses! I am a shoe lover, but shoes are extremely dirty. For more on bacteria and shoes, check out my other blog post

Countertops and surfaces in your home should be wiped down daily as well. Lysol sales professional grade cleaners that I use in my home. This product is a good way to protect yourself and your loved ones from the Coronavirus. I personally like using Lysol IC Quaternary. This solution is hospital strength and will kill more germs, bacteria and pathogens that regular Lysol.

I wipe down door knobs, light switches and countertops daily. I also disinfect remote controls, cell phones and tablets on a daily. Anything that is touched and used daily should be wiped down.

Toilets and bathroom counters is another area of the home that needs to be disinfected. Lysol makes a disinfect toilet bowl cleaner as well. Lysol Power Toilet Bowl Cleaner is product I buy to disinfect the toilets in my home. Cleaning the toilet you need to also spray the entire toilet with Lysol IC Quaternary, let it set for 30 seconds then wipe it down. Cleaning just the inside of the bowl does not disinfect your toilet.

Another good product to use in the shower is antibacterial soap, Safeguard Deodorant Bar Soap with Aloe. Yes, it does say to wash hands with this bar soap, but you can also shower with this bar. With Coronavirus infected people growing by the days, this is a good product to help combat viruses and bacteria.

Dishes and silverware need to be disinfected as well. If you do not have a dishwasher (dishwasher are great for disinfecting), you need to soak your dishes and silverware in steaming hot water with an antibacterial dish soap. Me personally, I only buy Palmolive Antibacterial Ultra Liquid Dish Soap. I use steaming hot water with Palmolive and let my dishes soak for 30 seconds before I wash them. I do use a sponge to hand wash my dishes and silverware, but every week I throw out my sponge and replace it with a new one. Sponges after a week will start developing bacteria and you can not get sponges sanitary.

Kitchen sinks once a week need to be disinfected. Kitchen sinks are notorious for germs and bacteria. The best way to disinfect your kitchen sink is to fill the bowl with steaming hot water and add 1 cup of Clorox Disinfecting Bleach. Leave the sink for 5 minutes before draining and your sink will be disinfected.

You can also dilute Clorox Disinfecting Bleach in a spray bottle and disinfect all your surfaces and toilet in your home as well. Clorox is a really good product to use on your shower walls and floors. To make Clorox in a spray bottle dilute 1/2 cup of bleach with 1 gallon of water and fill your spray bottle.

There is one other area that people do neglect. Your car. Now car cleaning is different than house cleaning (car cleaning will be a blog post that I will be working on in the future) When it comes to the interior, I treat my interior the same way I do my home. I use Lysol IC to clean my car interior. I even spray Lysol IC on a rag and wipe down my seats. Think about your clothes and shoes when you are in public places and then you get in your car. Imagine what can transfer from your clothes and shoes into your vehicle. The is a good way to help keep you and your family safe from viruses and bacteria. I do not buy or use any of the actually car cleaning products for the interior like Armor All for example, these products do not disinfect.

Another good tip for keeping healthy is when you go in public areas, before you leave your home, get a Q-Tip and put Bacitracin on the end of the Q-Tip and coat the inside of each nostril. Bacitracin is an antibiotic cream and only works on bacterial infections. It will not work viruses, but it will help with dust and pollen from entering into your sinuses. Yes I know the Coronavirus what people are worried about, but this product can at least help prevent sinus infections and other airborne particles.

I hope that my tips of what I do to disinfect my home helps you and your family stay safe from not only the Coronavirus, but all viruses and bacteria. For more tips this link to the CDC also has great tips of how to keep your family safe.

For other cleaning tips, this is a link to my other blog post for cleaning for the flu.

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