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Surveys for Extra Income


Surveys for Extra Income

surveys for extra income
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I am sure everyone has seen these websites that offer cash for surveys. There is a lot of scam website out there so you do have to be careful. But what if I tell you that there is two legit survey websites I have found that actually pay cash and gift cards?

Yes! There is actual websites that do pay real cash and gift cards to do surveys. I have joined these two different sites and these surveys you can do in your spare time to make extra cash or gift cards to you favorite retail stores.

These are not get rich schemes or anything like that. With everything going on right now in our country, people are getting laid off with all of these business shutdowns due to the Coronavirus. These website would be a good way to make some extra cash or even the cash in your points for gift cards to use at your favorite retailer.

Here is the information on both sites

Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys will pay $10 cash to your Paypal for every 1000 points you gain for doing surveys. You can also cash in points for gift cards as well. Each survey on your dashboards are worth different points, the longer the survey the more points you can earn. You will have to qualify for each survey to see if you fit what each survey is looking for. Once you sign up, you will have to fill out your profile, so it is best to answer each question on the profile to better match you to surveys. You will also be able to register for email alerts to get new surveys each day in your inbox. This site is a good way to do surveys for extra income. If you would like to check out Branded Surveys here is the link to sign up

My Soap Box

My Soap Box is the second survey website I have been using. With My Soap Box, it is very similar to Branded Surveys, except the points you earn you can redeem for gift cards. This site does not pay out cash, this is a good site to get extra money for your favorite retailer. My Soap Box will also send emails to your inbox when new surveys are posted. My Soap Box is a good way to do surveys for extra income to your favorite retailers. Here is the link to sign up with My Soap Box

I hope that all my readers will take advantage of these survey website. They are very easy to use and the email alerts are very nice to know when new surveys have been posted. With this strange period we are in with Coronavirus, this would be a good way to gain some extra money or gift cards with both of these sites.

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