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Coronavirus Are People Taking This Seriously?


Coronavirus Are People Taking This Seriously?

Are People Taking the Epic Coronavirus Seriously?

Are People Taking the Epic Coronavirus Seriously? I wanted to write about what is going on with the spread of the Coronavirus. The United States now has the highest cases of this deadly virus in the world now. The question is are people really taking the Coronavirus seriously here in the United States?

My opinion is that I honestly do not believe that people are really taking the warnings about this virus seriously. The reason for my opinion is people on social media are all complaining about being quarantined in their homes (this is one of the reasons for my opinion). Here is thing about these statements I see posted, are people really staying “quarantined” in their homes? I really believe people are not staying home like they should. Now, it is one thing when you do go to make a stop to pick groceries up, there is nothing wrong with that. But going to Wal-Mart to just get out of the house is not being quarantined. I have talked to people that have been in grocery stores and seen family’s out shopping together. Now why would you make this a family outing? This makes no sense to me. In my house, when it is time to get groceries, myself or my wife make the stop and we pick one store that has the most items we need and that is the only stop one of us makes. 1 Stop! We also have a 4 1/2 year old son and he is definitely not going with us out in the store right now. There is no reason to make this a family outing.

Going outside taking a walk getting fresh air is something I think is ok to do. As long as on the way you are not stopping at neighbors houses or stuff like that. Going in your backyard if the weather is nice is good. I had my 4 1/2 year old son outside over the weekend so he can play and get out the house. We did not go and knock on neighbors doors or anything like that. We stayed in our yard and he got to run around and get out the house.

I do not think people actually know how to use gloves either. You can not wear gloves in public and then text with those gloves on. Wearing gloves from the store then going in your vehicle is another problem too. What goes on those gloves go on everything else. You have to either throw away the gloves or sanitize the gloves before touching anything that you are going to use once the gloves are gone. Viruses and any other bacteria is going to stay on these gloves.

Young people I also believe is not taking this serious. Young people think that the only people this going to seriously effect or even kill is elderly. That is not the case. I seen and have read about the young people who have died contracting this disease. Just because you are young does not mean you are invisible from the complication that can happen from this virus. Gathering in groups is not very smart and the younger generation does not seem to understand what can happen if one has it and then spread to 5 or 6 others. I have seen kids out and they are in groups like it is summer vacation. These kids do not seem to understand that is not some free time off. I really hope they start paying attention to these warnings and why this not some free time off of school.

When you see commercials on tv and stuff being posted all over social media about how to wash your hands is something else that really has caught my attention. How do people not know how to really was their hands? This really is something that is hard for me to believe. People do not know you have to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds? This is something I always thought was basic common knowledge. This is a problem if people are not actually washing their hands correctly to why this virus is spreading so fast. Hand sanitizer is only going to so much. You need to wash your hands with antibacterial hand soap.

If people do not start taking these warnings serious things regarding this virus are not going to get better any time soon. I know for me, since this virus has fully broke out, I have took my normal cleaning routine I do daily to a whole new level. I wrote a blog post called Cleaning and Disinfecting for the Coronavirus last week. This blog post is tips on how to keep your family safe from this epic virus. Now, these cleaning tips is basically my routine cleaning that I have been doing for years in my home.

Here is how and what I have done to change my normal cleaning of my home. When me or my wife come home with groceries, all the groceries, bags and all get wiped down with disinfection solution. I contain the bags of groceries to one area and once I am down wiping them down the groceries that area gets disinfected as well. When I get the mail now I wear gloves and all the mail gets wiped down. Same thing with any packages that come to our home. I wipe down every box before it enters my home. When I go and get gas in my vehicle, I wear gloves and dispose of the gloves before I enter my vehicle. I have always disinfected my vehicle interior even prior to the Coronavirus, but now I disinfect the interior 3 to 4 times a week. Clean Your Car To Reduce Coronavirus is a blog post I wrote about the importance of disinfecting your car interior. As soon as I enter my home, my shoes come off at the front door and the shoes get sprayed down. The Coronavirus can get on your shoes and that is a sure way to track it in your home. I normally disinfect my shoes weekley anyways, but now they get sprayed every time I get home. Bacteria and Your Shoes is another blog post I wrote about what is actually on your shoes. I never ever wear my outdoor shoes in my home. My shoes always come off as soon as I get in the front door regardless of the Coronavirus.

Here is another tip about groceries as well. Another blog post I wrote, Should You Wash Your Produce. This blog post I wrote gives tips on cleaning your fruits and vegetables. Now this is something I have been doing with my produce regardless of this outbreak. But, this is definitely something I think everyone should be doing with the Coronavirus to help protect them and their families. You do not know who touched the fruits and vegetables in the store prior to bringing them in your home. Plus cleaning your fruits and vegetables will get rid of pesticides and other germs that are on your produce.

I really do believe people need to start taking this virus seriously. If you are really that “bored” with staying home, there is plenty of areas of your home you can be disinfecting to help keep everyone safe and healthy. Cleaning is something I love to do and I do this routines daily like I stated above. My background as a custodial supervisor has gave me a lot of experience in disinfecting. I have been a stay at home dad for over year now. Cleaning my home is something I take pride in. I really hope people use some of my tips to help stop this epidemic.

One last thought, PLEASE STAY HOME! No roaming the streets!

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