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Top 10 Thanksgiving Travel Destinations. All (Almost) Share Same Weather

2019 Thanksgiving Travel Destinations

Thanksgiving 2019 is right around the corner. A lot of Americans will be traveling as this is a very busy traveling holiday. AAA and INRIX, a global leader in connected car services and transportation analytics, teamed up to provide a list of the top Thanksgiving travel destinations for 2019 and there is a hot trend among the destinations. AAA predicts this Thanksgiving will bring the second-highest travel volume since the agency began tracking in 2000.

Now, I will be listing the top 10 cities and yes, they all but one have the same weather themes. Most Americans that are traveling want to escape the northern states and go to warm destinations. Cities like Chicago, New York, Boston and Pittsburgh have been experiencing well below normal temperatures so far this November. With below normal temperatures so far this November in the North and Northeast, this is good motivation for a lot of Americans to head South and get in a warm weather vacation week with the holiday approaching.

The theme parks of Orlando and Southern California and other warm-weather destinations will see an influx of travelers looking to escape the start of winter, AAA said in its annual press release.

Florida has four out of the top ten spots, which includes Miami and Orlando. Hawaii has two destinations listed in the top ten. Nine out of the top ten are warm weather cities. New York City is the only cold weather destinations listed in the top ten. New York does have the Macy’s Day Parade and Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree that millions of people do attend and go to see during Thanksgiving.

Now I will be posting the top cities of 2019 to travel to for Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels to everyone. Enjoy the warm cities that the United States has to offer.

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