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Winter Storm Ezekiel


Winter Storm Ezekiel

Western Impact of Winter Storm Ezekiel on Thursday and Friday Nov 28 and 29 2019

This storm has impacted the West Coast fpirst, where it went threw Southern California and Arizona Friday November 29 2019. A town near Grand Canyon National Park has declared an emergency due to power outages and snow. Parts of Interstate 17 and 40 were closed late Thursday into early Friday in northern Arizona due to heavy snow. Tusayan, Arizona, declared a state of emergency due to heavy snow and lack of electricity Friday. Tusayan is located near the Grand Canyon National Park where over a foot of snow has been measured. Shelters have been set up at the Grand Canyon National Park. Parts of I-40 and I-17 have been closed in both directions due to heavy snow. Flagstaff, AZ has reported 8 to 12 inches of snowfall as of early Friday, with 15 inches measured at the Grand Canyon, South Rim. In California, a portion of I-5 from Grapevine to Castaic through Tejon Pass was closed Thursday morning due to heavy snow. Snow gates were opened at the I-5 near Santa Clarita to force northbound back southbound down in elevation. Southbound lanes later on Thursday were then reopened.

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Midwest Impact Saturday November 30 2019

Several major highways in Nebraska, South Dakota and Wyoming are closed due to blizzard conditions. People were advised not to travel in much of Western South Dakota. Rapid City, South Dakota had to rescheduled the annual festival of lights parade Saturday evening due to the high winds and much of the parade route had not been plowed. Farther East, Duluth, Minnesota has issued a “No Travel Advisory” beginning Saturday afternoon. The National Weather Service reported blizzard conditions at Lake Superior with snow falling at a rate of 1 inch per hour and winds gusting above 50 mph. Onshore flooding has also been a issue at Lake Superior due to the high winds.

Interstate I-80 in Nebraska had very strong winds and blowing snow created dangerous travel conditions. Portions of Interstate 80 are closed as of Saturday afternoon. Both directions on I-80 are closed from the Wyoming and Nebraska state line.

Winter Storm Ezekiel

Northeast Sunday December 1 to Monday December 2019

Now Winter Storm Ezekiel has it eyes and target set on the northeast.

The heaviest snow of 6-12 inches is forecast from the northeastern corner of Pennsylvania to central Massachusetts and southwestern New Hampshire. 12-18 inches are in store for the Catskills and Berkshires.

The winter storm will bring ice, rain and a wintry mix along I-95 from Philadelphia to New York City and Boston. Ice will mix with rain and snow Sunday into Sunday night along the I-95 corridor.

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Winter Storm Ezekiel

Ice can build up and cause major travel problems across the Appalachians to southern New England with risk of falling trees and power outages as well. Damage from this ice storm will depend on whether it is sleet or freezing rain. Sleet tends to bounce off while freezing rain will weigh down trees and power lines. Sunday night will be the warmest time during this storm. Just enough warm air is likely to come in from the south. The Atlantic can have plain rain to coastal areas of the upper mid-Atlantic and southeastern New England. Farther inland, a transition from wet snow to more powdery snow is in store in some areas. A wintry mix or ice to snow in other areas as the storm moves along the coast. As the storm strengthens it will begins to pull in colder air. Rain showers will change to snow showers from the Ohio Valley to the central Appalachians during Sunday night and Monday.

During Monday cold air is likely to move toward the mid-Atlantic and southern New England coast to bring a change to accumulating snow. Accumulation of a coating to an inch is possible around Philadelphia. Few inches may fall on the New York City area with several inches likely around Boston. Much heavier snow is likely in the northern and western suburbs of New York City and Boston. Should the storm strengthen, heavy snow may fall right in New York City and a few inches might occur in Philadelphia on Monday. Boston could pick up a foot of snow where rain does not hold back the accumulation.

Flight delays and cancellations on Monday are likely from Boston to New York City and Philadelphia. Everyone make sure you keep up to date with to see the latest forecast. Be safe if you have to travel as this storm will going to major travel problems all around Northeast and New England.

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