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Arctic Blast for Valentines Day 2020

Arctic Blast for Valentines Day 2020 Some of the coldest air so far this winter season is coming and just in time for Valentines Day. The arctic air is making its way from Canada into the Northern Plains on Wednesday. With the clash of cold air with this front and storm system that is the… Continue reading Arctic Blast for Valentines Day 2020

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Dangerous US Cities 2020

Dangerous US Cities 2020 There is a lot of beautiful cities to visit here in the U.S. But what is the most dangerous cities to live or visit? These stats are from the year 2018. These statistics from 2018 are used to rank the most dangerous U.S. cities in 2020. During 2018, according to FBI… Continue reading Dangerous US Cities 2020

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Temperatures Forecast February 2020 to Spring 2020

Temperature Outlook from February 2020 to April 2020

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TOP 10 New Year's Resolutions

Top 10 New Year's Resolutions 2020

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Best Pre-Workout Supplement 2020

Best Pre-Workout Supplement 2020 The new list for 2020 best pre-workout supplement was just released by Strong Supplements ( I wanted to share this list with all my readers. This list that was put together and has some very unique products. I will list the products from number 10 to 1. I will have links… Continue reading Best Pre-Workout Supplement 2020

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Nike MLB 2020 Uniforms

Nike MLB 2020 Uniforms The new MLB season is coming up very soon. Nike will now be the official uniform maker for MLB this upcoming 2020 season. Nike just debuted there new updated uniforms on Monday December 09 2019. Nike is now the official uniform maker for MLB, NBA and the NFL. Nike signed a… Continue reading Nike MLB 2020 Uniforms

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2019-2020 Winter Predictions Released By Farmers Almanac and Old Farmers Almanac

2019-2020 Winter Predications